Preliminary Program:

Day 1- Thursday January 23, 2020
Session I: Hot Topics in Heart Failure
13:00-13.15: DM, Cardio Metabolic Syndrome and HF: What Did We Learn in the Last Year?
13.15-13.30:Do we Finally have an Answer for HFpEF?
13.30-13.45:Overcoming Congestion in Acute HF Management?
13.45-14.00:Best Practices in HF Biomarker Utilization
14.00-14.15:Panel Discussion
14.15-14:45:Opening Ceremony
14:45 - 15:15Keynote I: How do we Best Approach Cardiogenic Shock in 2020?
15.15- 15.30:Coffee Break
Session II: Debates in Heart Failure Management.
15.30- 16.15: First Debate: 30-day HF Readmissions Still Represent the Most Important Outcome Behind Mortality
16.15- 17.00: Second Debate: We Now Can Use ARNI in the Full Spectrum of Heart Failure
Day 2 - Friday January 24, 2020
Session III: Cardiac imaging in heart failure patients: from
8.30-8.45: Patients with Newly Diagnosed Systolic Dysfunction: Which Imaging Modality First?
8.45-9.00: One Phenotype Several Etiologies: Role of Imaging in Determining the Etiology of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy.
9.00-9.15:Role of Viability Testing in Guiding Revascularization in Patients with HFrEF.
9.15-9.30: Functional MR in HF: Harmony of Imaging and Devices
9.30-9.45: Panel Discussion
9.45- 11.00: Parallel Workshop
Workshop I: Tips on Heart Failure Medication Uptitration and Monitoring.
Session IV: The Latest on Mechanical Circulatory Support
9.45- 10.00:Success with LVAD Therapy: It’s all About Patient Selection
10.00- 10.15:Appropriate Use of LVADs as a Bridge to Transplant
10.15- 10.30:Bleeding Versus Thrombosis- The Lesser of the Two Evils
10.30- 10.45:RV Dysfunction with LVAD Therapy: Evidence or Wisdom!
10.45- 11.00: Panel Discussion
11.00- 11.15:Coffee break
11.15- 12.00:Keynote II: What Can Interventional Cardiology Possibly Contribute to Heart Failure Management?
12.00- 14.00:Prayer & Lunch Break
Session V: Beyond Medications and Devices
14.00-14.15: Making a Difference: HF Clinics and Multidisciplinary Management
14.15-14.30: Defining Advanced HF in 2020
14.30-14.45:Heart Transplant: Challenges and Opportunities
14.45-15.00: Too Advanced for Advanced Therapies! End of Life Considerations.
15.00-15.15:Panel Discussion
15.15-15.30:Coffee break
14.00- 17.00:Parallel Workshop
Workshop II: Cardio-renal Metabolic Discussions in HF
14.00-14.40: SGLT2 Inhibitors: A Multisystem Impact
14.00-14.10Impact in DM
14.10-14.20 Impact in HF
14.20-14.30Impact in Renal Disease
14.30- 14.40Questions
14.40-15.20:GLP1 Agonists: A Multisystem Impact
14.40-14.50Impact in DM
14.50-15.00 Impact in HF-
15.00-15.10Impact in Renal Disease
15.10- 15.20Questions
15.20-15.40:Coffee break
15.40- 16.00:Uric Acid: Cardiorenal Implications
16.00- 16.20:Hyperkalemia in Heart Failure
16.20- 16.40:Anemia Management in Renal Disease and Heart Failure
16.40- 17.00:Discussion
Session VI: Updates on Cardiomyopathies
15.30- 15.45:ATTR Amyloidosis: Appropriate Diagnosis and Management.
15.45- 16.00:Stress Cardiomyopathy: Over- or Under-diagnosed?
16.00- 16.15:Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: Is the Evidence Sufficient?
16.15- 16.30:Genetic Cardiomyopathies; When and How do we Investigate?
16.30- 16.45:Panel Discussion
16.45- 17.30: Keynote III: Guidelines, Updates, Consensus Statements: What are the Top Take Home Messages for Managing my HFrEF Patients?
Day 3 - Saturday January 26, 2019
Session VII: The Latest on Cardio-oncology
8.30-8.45: Predicting the Risk of Cardiotoxicity
8.45-9.00: Is there a role for cardiac imaging in cancer patients at risk for cardiotoxicity?
9.00-9.15:Is Prevention Possible?
9.15-9.30: The Need for Collaborative Approach in Cardio-oncology
9.30-9.45: Panel Discussion
Session VIII: Heart Failure Made Difficult: More Challenges in the Clinic
9.45- 10.00: I have a HF Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease
10.00- 10.15I have a HF Patient who is Morbidly Obese
10.15- 10.30:I have a HF Patient with Congenital Heart Disease
10.30- 10.45:I have a Frail HF Patient
10.45-11.00:Panel Discussion
9.45- 11.00:Parallel Workshop
Workshop IV: The Multidisciplinary Team (Nursing Led Care, Diet, Exercise, Behavior, and Quality of Life)
11.00-11.15:Coffee Break
11.15- 12.15:Cases From the HF Clinic:
- A Case of HFrEF Patient on Digoxin.
- A Case of HFpEF Patient with Pulmonary Hypertension.
- A Case of HF with Mid-range EF
12.15- 13.30:Lunch Break
Session IX: Devices and Rhythm
13.30- 13.45:The Final Word on AF Ablation in HF Management.
13.45- 14.00:Arrhythmia- Mediated Reversible LV Dysfunction
14.00- 14.15:Can Remote Monitoring Make a Difference in HF Outcomes?
14.15- 14.30:Novel Devices in HF Management
14.30- 14.45:Panel Discussion
14.45- 15.00:Coffee Break
Session X: Cases From the HF Clinic
15.00- 15.30:A Case of Non-ischemic HF Patient with no Improvement on EF after Medical therapy- Device or no Device!
15.30- 16.00:A Case of HF with Diabetes